Why Do Vegans Eat Meat-flavored foods

You’re probably asking yourself if your not a vegan like me why vegans choose to eat meat-flavored foods over the basic vegetable dish. Veganism is a growing popular practice in America. This practice is avoiding all of animal products, both in diet and in lifestyle. There are different classifications of vegans including the dietary-vegans which only abstain from meat in their daily diets when ethnic-vegans will follow the non-meat product diet and will refrain from using any animal product. Being an animal lover, might change you into living the lavish vegan lifestyle but thus could also improve your health drastically. Vegan lifestyles have recently taken flight and their main concern was their desire for meat taste without consuming meat itself. Since the growing popularity, productions in meat-flavored food are expanding. They are sometimes called “fake” food. The idea is that vegans never stopped loving the delectable taste of succulent meat which can only be found within an animal. They believe killing and using an animal is morally wrong although they taste so goddamn delicious and are so useful in everyday life in my perspective. So the idea of replicating every great thing you can say about eating meat, using only plant-based sources seems like the answer for every vegan out there. Would you think this is hypocritical of vegans to choose meat-flavored foods? Personally, I have no experience of being a vegan consciously but I do eat a lot of non-meat foods and I am working on eating more meat-substitutes because I do not like the taste of meat sometimes. I also would like to work on using makeup products that are non-animal tested and buying non-cruelty to animals foods. I just think it’s a little humorous to me how much vegans like meat but hate to eat meat and they think somehow they saving the environment. It kind of just defeats the purpose in a sense but I totally get the self-deprivation of meat which I would think makes them a little desperate for a taste of “meat” and it’s a bonus that it’s made from plants. I have nothing against vegans, I really do believe it is brave to try something that is potentially life changing.


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